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Hydraulic Steering Question

I have a KeyWest with hydraulic steering but its damned stiff to turn in either direction. Its been that way since I bought it used (3 yrs old). Its a 115 hp Yama and out of the water you have to work to turn it. Its my first time I had HS so maybe thats just the way it is. Can anyone shed some light?


  • Big WormBig Worm Posts: 61 Deckhand
    Are you sure it's hydraulic? Hydraulic steering is generally effortless. If it is teleflex than you need to clean your tilt tube and lube your cable.
  • hoo's uphoo's up Posts: 17 Greenhorn
    Sound like a bent hydraulic ram. I had same issue some time ago. It doesn't take much of a bend in the rod to start binding. You may not even be able to see it. Back some time ago, someone "bumped" my boat with theirs while at the dock. When I left the dock I noticed that the steering was very hard. When they hit me, they hit the steering ram and bent it slightly. Check for that.

  • dble-downdble-down Posts: 518 Officer
    Its a BayStar system , Teleflex I believe, its anything but effortless. Could even be dangerous turning in heavy seas. It's good to know it s supposed to be effortless, its anything but that, I'll get it checked out. Thanks.
  • Pat LPat L Posts: 440 Officer
    As mentioned above make sure the ram isnt bent, also make sure one of the hoses isnt kinked somewhere. Does it change if the engine is tilted? Sometimes if the pivot shaft is bound up in the engines tilt tube it will be harder to steer in depending on how the engine is trimmed.
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