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Cody's first time at herding sheep.

Larry MacLarry Mac Posts: 5,466 Admiral
Cody is my young Australian Shepherd. This weekend I drove back to his breeder who also has sheep, all the pens and is a judge at herding events. The breeder is near Quincy-- 30 miles west of Tallahassee. Cody did 6 sessions Saturday and Sunday. In a nutshell-- bad news-- good news.
Good news is he's a natural. Dave was able to advance him out of the small circular training pen very quickly. He rated the stock real well. I hope to use him on my cattle when he is older but sheep offer him learning opportunities in a safer environment( although I was flattened by stampeding sheep once this weekend-ouch)until he gets older and matures physically.
The bad news is it will cost a lot of money in lessons and entry fees if I choose to give him the opportunities to compete in herding events.
Cody's mom Mia is an accomplished stockdog. And his great grandad is one of only 3 dogs to win all 3 herding titles in one year( ducks, sheep, and cattle).
So its in his pedigree. First go at the sheep he was so excited he pretty much forgot everything he was taught. But by around the 3rd session on Saturday he was having so much fun he seemed to have a smile while working the sheep.

Here's Cody with mom Mia( all black)
Cody working in mid sized rectangular pen
The result of 4 sessions of herding on Ssturday


  • pointerDixie214pointerDixie214 Posts: 5,658 Admiral
    HAHA Gotta love watchin dogs do what they are meant to do. :)
    "Her beauty radiated like a beacon from a lighthouse!" - Buddy McCoy :hail
  • MACDMACD Lee CountyPosts: 4,957 Captain
    The stock dog or working dog are my favorite in the doggy world.
  • PONCEPONCE Posts: 5,946 Admiral
    Neat stuff-love dogs
  • JohnnyBanditJohnnyBandit Posts: 8,518 Admiral
    There is a REALLY good place to work sheep fairly close to you Larry.

    I also know another person fairly close to you that teaches herding, has stock and is a judge.

    Let me know if you want the info.
  • Larry MacLarry Mac Posts: 5,466 Admiral
    Yes John. I have some names but would appreciate your info and insight.
    Are you thinking Sherry btw?
  • JohnnyBanditJohnnyBandit Posts: 8,518 Admiral
    Larry Mac wrote: »
    Yes John. I have some names but would appreciate your info and insight.
    Are you thinking Sherry btw?

    Sherry at Linden Hollow...

    The thing about trialing herding dogs is the practice. You need access to to stock and the right kind of pens . And you need it at LEAST once a week. Two is MUCH better.

    Trials are not terribly expensive to enter. 25-28 bucks per class per event. (example - 25 for started ducks. 25 for sheep A course started, etc) Could be up to 100 a day. But most only enter one or two events at a given time.

    The thing is..... There is a big difference between a working stock dog and a trial dog. Some can do both but there are some great working stock dogs that are terrible trial dogs and vice versa.

    Some do both with good success...

    So it depends on the handler.
  • Larry MacLarry Mac Posts: 5,466 Admiral
    I don't think I will be a good handler for Cody. He deserves better than me. I mean according to Dave, Cody has as much talent as Mia(Cody's mom) who he thinks can place at Nationals next year. I will never be as good a handler as Cody will be a stockdog. However he looks for me -- or wants me-- to be in the pen with him. We will see what happens in training
  • QuailhunterQuailhunter Posts: 173 Deckhand
    Larry what breeder did you get your dog from? Looking for a blue for my wife.
  • Larry MacLarry Mac Posts: 5,466 Admiral
    Dave Clayton Sunfire Aussies
    Quincy, Fl
    Actually Gretna

    He has at least 2 blue Merle pups about 2 weeks old if you want a pup. ( about 6 more weeks I guess )
    He might have a slightly older one if you want to bypass the pup stage?
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