mullet fishing-CR area

My son has gotten into bow fishing, and I am trying to put him on some mullet. Any tips on where and when to find some mullet would greatly appreciated. Thanks Brian


  • Tight linesTight lines Posts: 46 Deckhand
    I helped some commercial guys that were stuck at the ramp in yt and they said they were catching them spawning in the hot water discharge at the power plant i fish around the islands north of the boat ramp at yt and always see them. The water is crystal clear so it's going to be hard right now during the day i would suggest doing it under the lights with a generator good luck and keep us updated on his progress im going in the morning if i can add anymore after tomorrow ill report for you!
  • CatfishCatfish Posts: 527 Officer
    Few days ago there were quite a few big mullet bunched up in the creeks at Waccasassa. There has been a lot of sheepshead in the shallows just as the water starts coming over the oyster bars. I haven't bowfished so I don't know the legalities of taking them but they may be a good target for him.
  • brianbrian Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the help guys. Tight lines, I saw your post the oher day and was going to contact you if I couldn't get any help. Him and a buddy did try a little yesterday and last night in the canal beside the Plantation and got a few mullet and missed some gar at the end of the canal. Guess they need more practice to get there aim down. Anyone else with info will be greatly appreciated. Catfish I' ll definitly check into the sheepshead deal. Thanks Brian
  • Tight linesTight lines Posts: 46 Deckhand
    Brian feel free to contact me anytime i fish just about every weekend your more than welcome to join me :)
  • brianbrian Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    Will do, thanks.
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