• deerflydeerfly Posts: 722 Officer
    nice job cat, one of my favorite sections in the entire park for sure. The flying teeth are always pretty bad at that site, minor annoyance in lieu of the rest of it tho. Great jumping snook pic, wally looks kinda' familiar too. :)
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  • SirSnukeSirSnuke Posts: 17 Greenhorn
    Awesome pictures Cat. Which camp site did you use?
  • Cat173Cat173 Posts: 106 Officer
    SirSnuke we camped at the Broad River site. Really close to mouth of Broad and Rodgers river. Typically I prefer a chickee over a ground site but this was the only available site at the time.
  • SirSnukeSirSnuke Posts: 17 Greenhorn
    I'm pretty sure i would have slept in my boat if that guy was laying on the dock upon my arrival.
  • Reel4ReelReel4Reel Posts: 427 Deckhand
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