Limit of mangroves and more

Today the water was nearly flat calm and the fish were biting on the reef. We fished in anywhere from 15-22 feet of water on the patches. We caught 3 grouper all shorts, an 18" red, 15" black, and a decent strawberry which were all released to fight another day. We also got into some serious mangroves later in the day and ended up limiting out on those. We also caught 2 muttons and one was pretty nice. We also caught one keeper yellowtail, porgies, and of course grunts. All the fish were eating today was mostly shrimp for us, not much on the ballyhoo. 20 lb fluorocarbon leader. Jig heads were working well for the mangroves and yellowtail in the chum slick and an egg weight for the grouper and muttons.


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