BPK Report 12/23 & 24

Here's a quick post Christmas report for Big Pine.
23rd- It was way too rough for our little boat so my family and I hit the patches in about 20ft of water. The bite was great we literally caught over a hundred fish in a matter of a couple hours. A handful of undersized grouper and muttons. But we did manage to get a couple nice yt's and even better yet, the wife and my one son each caught a hogfish. The weird thing was I have never seen/caught so many Lane snappers in my life, some were 14 to 16 inches. I've never eaten a Lane before so we just kept one to try for dinner.
24th- We were able to get out trolling. Stayed in 150-300 ft. This day for the most part the fish got the best of us. The action was pretty consistant/good, we had several knockdowns but the wahoos(I'm assuming) got the best of my wire twice. Trolled through a school of dolphin had one bite, jumped and looked pretty good sized, but one of his friends must have gone after my swivel and cut him loose in the process. We did end up getting one cow about 30 inches into the cooler.
I'm sure you guys are seeing it too but it sure seems like a great time to be out on the water!:fishing


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