Who does good work on docks, etc in the Upper Keys?

The sooner I can whip the fixer-upper house's dock into shape, the sooner I can bring the boat down to her new home base. The current dock has no shorepower tower and I'll need at least 5 new cleats installed where I want them and the fish cleaning station needs a complete overhaul. Any Recs on a good Marine/Dock company in the Upper Keys would be greatly appreciated!

Here's the blown out slop sink at the fish table. The steel posts that hold up the roof are rusted out too........

Thanks in advance.........



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    Upper Keys Marine Construction... the scope of work may be a little small for them, but if so they could probably point ya in the right direction.

    Most GC's will do it to-
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    Got the guys from Ensign Construction tearing into the dock today. I gave them a laundry list of repairs, upgrades, etc to mostly the outside of the fixer-upper, beat up dock, rusted gazebo posts, etc and they started yesterday. Got most of the crew here today with lots of power tools, etc!

    I ended up just calling Wire Nutz myself a few months ago to get a shore power plug installed on the dock.

    G & G Millworks will be coming in near the end of the dock project to provide a new fish cleaning table/surface.
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    looking good.

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    alacrity wrote: »
    looking good.

    Haha! That photo above was before today's demo of the cleaning table! You can see the blown out, old fiberglass sink, some busted tiles (lots of spalling!) and the rusted out base of the steel posts that hold up the little roof.

    You can see the concrete base of a boat davit in the bottom left. The nice people/former owners took the davits with them (as well as all the interior paddle fans, interior lights, pool pump and filter and even the knobs on the cooktop!).

    The guys from Ensign Construction started framing up some nice "covers" to go over the davit bases to cover the short posts as well as to make for additional seating on the dock. The tops will be AZEK composite material in a white, wood grained finish. It out to come out really nice........ Lots of progress today.
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    Glad to hear you found someone to do the work. It's sometimes hard to give money away down here! Keep us updated on how it goes as I'm always interested in finding quality contractors.
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    Glad to hear you found someone to do the work. It's sometimes hard to give money away down here! Keep us updated on how it goes as I'm always interested in finding quality contractors.

    I actually found out about Ensign Construction from the cabinet guy who's going to help us with our beat up kitchen. I took him down to see what he could do with building me a new fish cleaning table and when he saw the big mess outside and on the dock he said, "We need to get my buddy at Ensign Construction over here". Sixty minutes later, Ensign's calling me and the next day he showed up to have a look at all that was needed. I gave him a laundry list of repairs, upgrades, etc all over/inside the house and we're now on Day Three and I'm still "happy"!

    Here's why I needed a new fish cleaning table.


    There are three davit bases on the dock and the davits are gone, leaving the threaded posts sticking up and looking very ugly. I don't need davits, but it was Intrepid377 who "suggested" that I try to keep what's there, so we are going to build a box/cap around the top and then cover it with some nice looking composite wood. They will make for some nice seating during parties too!

    There are four rusted steel posts that hold up the little roof above the fish table and they will be replaced. Anyone know of a good cleaner to get the rust stains off the tile?


    Nothing fancy when it came time to demo the table!!


    And the davit caps were also being framed up.


    The three concrete columns that held up the old table will be used to support the new table. The frame will be built and then the cabinet guy will come in to provide a new table and built in sink. There will be about seven feet of flat table cleaning space to the left of the sink.


    Eventually, the jack hammer had to be called on!!


    The house has a seperate little building that houses a small storage room and a massive water tank/cistern! The cistern is now disabled but the "roof" of that provides a nice patio with a gazebo roof over it and it needs new posts as well. So, we'll be doing 8 posts total. I found out that the gazebo posted rusted in the middle because the previous owner had an outside bar mounted on the posts!!


    Here's the new door going up for the outside storage room and the steps leading up to the gazebo. There are four more steps that take you up to the main patio on the main/second floor.


    The house was painted a few years back but they only had a primer coat on the roof eaves and there are many holes that need to be plugged, the eaves all re-sealed and then painted and Ensign Construction will be taking care of that. It was all pressure washed yesterday. We had a bird's nest up in the big hole earlier this year! :hairraiser

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    Looking good Gmon! Jen sure has **** you into shape!
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    ou can buy 'Wink' at winn dixie it is in the cleaning supplies isle ..it is a powerful rust remover.. make sure that you test it out on some small rust stains first.. have water ready to spray it off..
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    You can buy 'Wink' at winn dixie it is in the cleaning supplies isle ..it is a powerful rust remover.. make sure that you test it out on some small rust stains first.. have water ready to spray it off..

    Haha! If I'm lucky, it will also disolve the terrible tile that is on the entire dock! Who would put slippery tile on a dock that will be wet on occasion? The tile overhaul will be part of Phase Two...... maybe next year...... replaced with something non-skid/slip.

    That gazebo roof is at a height where it kind of blocks the view from the dining room & kitchen so while we are popping in some new supports, we're going to raise the roof line about 18 inches or so. Replacing the steel/rusted posts, we've chosen marine grade PT 4x4 posts. That will be followed by a few good coats of paint and then some composite coverings that my cabinet guy will install later to make them look a bit nicer.

    Went to the Miami Home Show yesterday and picked up a great idea for the fish cleaning table sink.....
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    i love these threads. keeping it coming. thanks

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    Here's a view of the project from the canal. You can see the nicely capped davit foundation through the bow rail. While Gary swore he was happy with our unannounced visit.......it's a bit hard to tell from this picture. :grin

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    Haha! It was a real "surprise" to see the ROCK BOAT sitting in the canal on Saturday! They did a sneak drive-by that was actually fun! Next time, call ahead and I'll move the Grady-White back 10 feet or so, so that you can dock up!

    From the pic above, we see that:

    1) I need to lose 30 pounds. (Keys food is too good!)
    2) I have bow rod holders that do a great job holding my boat cleaning brush.
    3) There is one of my new, powder coated white cleats bolted onto the davit base. This one faces "away" from the Grady but it's there for other boats to slide in front of the Grady and to have a stern cleat available to them.
    4) And the new davit "caps" that Ensign Construction installed came out great! Completely and neatly covers the old davit posts and also provides extra seating for parties!! Future homeowners can easily "uninstall" them if they want davits.
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    there is a product called Ruff Stuff that you can roll down that is like non skid and looks nice the keys house we rented this year had it on steps and the dock .. they say after it dries you cannot break it .. it was nice on the feet and supposed to come in different colors (the one at the MM 99 keys house was a beige / white ) I did like it and it was rolled up on the fish cleaning table area and made cleanup of snapper scales and blood easy.. all the best with the house though *btw: if you choose to loose some weight (like I did ..) cut out meat for two of the days a week and you will be surprised at the heath benefits and weight loss.. ..you will not become a rabbit.. :) ..and fish is not meat..
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    Eric Ensign has a non-skid type of flooring that he Recs for docks and it can be put down over the existing tiles. That will be next year at least.......

    Does lobster count as "meat"?? :grin My "issue" is more related to the new and unused treadmill that is upstairs in the loft!! That and really enjoying the "Keys Lifestyle"!!

    We went to Winn-Dixie yesterday and don't you know that we picked up everything BUT the Wink! Next time for sure.....

    Here's why the fish cleaning table "roof" needs new supports...... and this is the best one of the four!


    The guys braced up this corner, grinded out the old steel post, popped in a new 4x4 and here he's leveling it all out.


    At the Miami Home Show on Saturday, I saw one of these and will incorporate it into the new table. I can push it out of the way, use it as a straight down faucet and also use it to rinse off the table when cleaning fish....... Went to Lowe's to get new stuff for the kitchen face lift and the only faucet they had like this one was a cheapie so I may have to find more of a commercial plumbing supply house that sells these to restaurants.

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    Progress continues.

    The composite (AZEK) davit caps came out very nice! Great additional seating, setting stuff on, etc. Can be easily removed to re-install davits if need be. Shore power socket was installed by Wire Nuts a few months ago.


    The fish cleaning station is now ready for the new table frame, faucet, etc. I'll repaint the little roof edges, etc and the entire dock walls, davit bases, etc. We now have LOTS of cleats to use for any boat visitors!



    Nope, I'm not doing this!! Jake's filling in any cracks, etc to seal it before the paint goes on. Only the eaves need painting. It was previously only given a single coat of primer. There are many head scratching things about this fixer-upper! :huh Notice the peeling paint on the edge of the third floor loft. Jake's going to have to get all harnessed up to seal and then paint that! You can also see new guy "John" who was flown in from Michigan to help with a few big painting projects for Ensign Construction. An "All-American" crew for sure.....


    The new door to the storage/work room. When we bought the house, the old door had rotted off the frame and had fallen into weeds that were about 3 feet high! The house had been abandoned and empty for over 6 months and had been abused while it was lived in. Our Master Jobs List has nearly 70 things that need to be fixed or repaired. Slowly but surely. Ensign Construction will be back for Phase 2, 3 and 4 at least!

    I'll also want some suggestions on what to "do" with this outside storage room because it's a disaster inside, yet it could very useful. That thread will come later....... Today, I'm painting the Master Bedroom.....

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