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I got a fusion 700 for christmas and I was going to have it and a new fusion marine amp. installed, my question is has any one had battery problems after installing a amp in their boat, last thing I want to do is go fishing and kill my batteries because of the amp is drawing too much power.
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  • Capt SteveBetzCapt SteveBetz Posts: 67 Deckhand
    I have the Fusion RA 200 in my boat. I went through 3 of them before I found out you need an amp on that model.
    I found a Pyle marine amp online for 50.00. (I was told they are a piece of junk) I did not have a lot of money to spend on an amp at the time.

    I have been running that amp since July 2012 and no problems. I have never had any battery issues. The amp is only powered up if the radio is on.
    Capt. Steve Betz
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  • Capt. PantsCapt. Pants Posts: 659 Officer
    I had a 600W Sony amp and 200W Sony deck running off of my (2) batteries (cranking/ deep cycle) along with 2 bottom machines and back up GPS. No issues. I did however worry about the head unit LED's being on all the time when the detachable face was attached to unit, not so much about the power, but because it was so bright I always feared it would attract thieves from a mile away. I never did leave the stereo jamming all day while at the islands without running the motor periodically. Not sure if this helps, but that's my experience.
  • Capt. PantsCapt. Pants Posts: 659 Officer
    Like Steve said, the amp is wired "through" the head unit which powers up the amp when in use. Running everything stereo to a switch never hurts, assuring all is "off" when the switch is.
  • greg123168greg123168 Posts: 282 Deckhand
    Thanks, I just worry aboy hanging out on the sand bars this upcoming summer and killing everything, but like you said Capt. Pants from time to time I always crancked up the engine and let her run a little
    2018 shearwater 27
  • Capt. PantsCapt. Pants Posts: 659 Officer
    We run bait pumps and stereo while we hang out at the sandbars. Mercury's do a pretty good job with their over sized alternators. I was never one for really "maintaining" batteries as I did not store boat at home, nor did I have a 2-3 bank charger. You'll be fine.... and STILL owe me a ride on the boat I've been asking for!! LOL Short and sweet before Spring. The Shearwater is on my VERY short list. :crossed
  • greg123168greg123168 Posts: 282 Deckhand
    thanks, And soon as we get out of the holidays and good weather....I will be asking you!!!!!
    2018 shearwater 27
  • mjacksmjacks Posts: 152 Deckhand
    I also have the Fusion 700 and love it along with their 4" speakers that I mounted to down-fire from my electronics box. If you haven't already purchased your Fusion AMP, I would recommend comparing the specs to the JL Audio M400/4 Marine, M Series 4-Channel Class D Full-Range Amplifier. If that is too large for you, compare the JL Marine line in a similar size to that of the Fusion. I am not an electronics engineer, however Mike at Marine Electronics Engineering is. He also highly recommends the Fusion line of stereos and speakers, however insisted that I only install the JL marine amp listed above. From my limited knowledge, it was easy enough for me to understand why after comparing the tech specs of both the Fusion and JL. Mike has installed hundreds of systems and has far fewer problems with the JL marine line in terms of power draw, quality and longevity.

    I'm also not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination, but I have two Bose speakers forward that fire-aft and two aft that down-fire from underneath the gunnels. The 4" Fusions that down-fire from the electronics box are self powered from the Fusion 700. The remaining are powered by the JL 400/4. The sound is phenomenal. I always tend to error on the side of "buy it right the first time" so I don't have to repeat the purchase a year later (learned through trial-and-error of course), but I also listen to the Pro's as their experience can save you a lot of money over time.

    Just thought I would throw that out there for consideration since its now a proven commodity in my application.

    Good luck and enjoy, no matter which way you go!
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