Muttons in the Tortugas with Capt. Billy Delph on 12/19/12

Hey all. I had to reregister for the forum but have been a member here for a while. I went to the tortugas this past week to fish for muttons. We went out with Capt. Billy Delph and had an awesome time. We caught a lot of muttons, blackfin tuna, red grouper, had a sailfish on the line, kingfish and more. Incredible trip. Highly recommend Capt. Delph it is worht the money. Check out his website at is his website that is how I found him.

We left Key West at 7:30am and got to our first spot at 9am. First spot was good with a couple of muttons. We then moved to another spot that was solid action. At one point one of us was fighting a sailfish, another was fighting a blackfin tuna and the other was hauling in a mutton. We have video I will post it when it is on youtube.

Pics below:







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