Nanna River 12/17

Flyguy1Flyguy1 Posts: 101 Officer
I havn't posted in awhile but I figured I would throw up a report from the other day. Me and a buddy of mine hit the Nanna river the other day in search of some redfish. We got out early and started poling looking for tails and other signs of fish activity. The fishing was very slow for the first few hours but once the sun got up pretty high we started catching fish. My buddy is a spin fisherman so he stuck with jigs the whole day and he ended up with 4 midslot reds and a small trout. I started out with the jig and once I got a fish or two I switched to the fly. I ended up with 4 mid slot reds and a rat as well as a few nice trout and one snook. Here is a few pics.
We believe Bananas are good luck! :wink


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