Marathon Offshore Fishing Report July 31st

Last trip of the vacation.

I woke up to less wind and kinder seas; however, I had a tired, sore body. 6 of the last 7-days has been offshore fishing, lobstering, or scouting (for lobster0. I felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation. Nevertheless, we shoved off around 8:30am with the same plan as yesterday -- 150-degrees of East Sister Rock for 10-mi before we thought about dropping lines.

Much to our surprise, it was a completely different ocean. The 4 - 6 had subsided to 2 - 4, the weeds were tough to find, and the birds were scattered. Also, the fish were feeding on the inside/short lines. Yesterday, with the same spread, every fish was caught on the longs.

Long story short, we made it out to 19-mi and caught a ton of small dolphin, BFT's, and Lesser AJ's. Since we already had our haul of fish and bugs, we released all the fish unharmed. After a quick stop at the Burdines Tiki Bar for lunch, we were in the pool by 2:30pm.

Another great Keys vacation is nearly complete :Rockon!


  • dive4fooddive4food Posts: 64 Greenhorn
    Nicely done. What were the hot colors and lures?
  • Plane Fish nPlane Fish n Posts: 6,439 Admiral
    Great job :thumbsup

    You know.. it is funny... when we went to Islamorada a week ago, our short flat lines were also the ones that were hit when we trolled in the 2-4' (sometimes 5') seas. :shrug

    We found it odd but now, you confirmed the same.

    Now that your vacation is over, I hope you get some rest at work. :Spittingcoffee

    Cheers buddy

  • Got TA GoGot TA Go Posts: 2,608 Captain
    It's been nice reading your posts. Almost made me think I was there with you! LOL


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  • luckyduck2luckyduck2 Posts: 208 Deckhand
    great post
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    Thanks to all for the kind words. It was truly a helluva vacation this year (I guess it always is though)!

    I can't spill all my secrets, but the newest hot color for me was the purple and black for Mahi?! I love Ray's Offshore Tackle in Boca Raton (30-45 min south of my home). I daisy chained some of his tiny purple and black metal head rubber skirts and trailed it with a larger metal head purple and black feather. I used a double hook as his feathers were a little larger than normal and I wanted to fend off those "pesky" Wahoo. I believe I used 80-lb Fluro. Probably 40% of our action came from that one lure -- Wahoo, Mahi, BFT, Skippies, Lesser AJ's, etc. Another 40% came from a tried and true "secret" Billy Bait setup; usually, that set-up accounts for the majority of our fish. The remaining 20% came off a variety of larger lures (10"+ class) and blue/white Island Lure with ballyhoo.

    Through stomach content inspections of the filleted Mahis, there was a lot of ballyhoo, pilchards, cowfish (or something similar); no big secret there. However, it is amazing to see how such small stomachs can hold a digesting ballyhoo!

    The rootbeer squid (made in KCB) from Big Time Bait and Tackle near Captain Hooks in Marathon hasn't produced the last two years for Mahi for some reason.

    I may be down in Duck Key this weekend (Aug 5 - 7) captaining/mating for buddy's father on a 31 Jupiter.
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