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7/31 fort pierce flats

SurlyTom and I decided to try something a little different from what we are used to, and barrowed a canoe from a friend of mine and hit the water at 6am. Very slow start as it usually is for us. We paddled and fished and paddled and fished, and finally decided to check a couple docks for some snook which Tom robbed me of... First cast under a dock one small snook, couple mins later another one. I am casting opposite of tom, swing and a miss by a small trout, Tom throws in same direction as me and lands the little guy. Another dock down the line, swing and a miss by a snook. Tom throws in the same spot and lands the little snook. Tried a few more docks with no luck, Tom saw a small tarpon rolling so I threw my bigger rod in the direction with no luck. Moved back out on the flat and tom and I decided to get our feet wet wade around for little while and cool off and try our hand at some flyfishing. NOT my cup of tea. I managed a small trout in the knee deep water. Loaded back into the canoe moved out to deeper water. First drift Double header with similiar 18ish trout. Saw some bait busting off a nearby island so we paddled our wait out and almost immediatly Tom hooks up with another 18ish trout. Paddled around the island hoping for a redfish of any size just to get our slam with no luck. We were almost rammed by a dolphin that was woking some mullet in the area. Pretty much it. It was a decent day for us, better than what we have been doing.


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