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GPS Screen Info - looking for solutions, not numbers

My GPS (Garmin GPSMap 232) works great. Over the past few months, my screen, however, is increasingly harder to read. My impression is that the screen is "sunburned" - despite my always keeping it covered (except when on the water - which is not, unfortunately, every day - about once a week). I can see portions of it which are off-center, but the center is less and less readable. Everything else works, great, but what's the use if you can't read the center, right?

Anybody else have this experience? Solutions? Does anyone know if it is possible to replace the screen? The unit came with the boat when I bought it 3 years ago, so I do not know how old it is or anything like that..... looking for a solution other than replacing the whole unit.

Thanks for any input or help.


  • Ocean MotionOcean Motion Posts: 583 Officer
    Screens are replaceable. I just had the screen on my Furuno depth finder replaced. It had the same symptoms you are describing. Their tech guy told me that the individual LEDs, which make up the body of the screen, begin to burn out causing that "sunspot" effect on your screen. When my unit was returned, it was as good as new.

    If your warranty is still in effect, it will only cost you shipping. Give Garmin a call and have all the unit info on hand and they will tell you if it is covered and if the screen is replaceable on that model unit. In the past I have had good luck with their turn around time. Good Luck.
  • CAZMCAZM Posts: 93 Deckhand
    Thanks for the info Ocean Motion - good to hear about the Furuno, too, as that is my depth finder set-up. What was the turn-around time on the replacing of the screen?
  • Ocean MotionOcean Motion Posts: 583 Officer
    Turn around time was 10 days. I installed it back on my boat the next day...started right up and worked as if it were new.

    One hint if I may,before you begin removing the unit, take the time to CAREFULLY label both sides of anything you have to disconnect. You won't be sorry when you go to install it after it is repaired. I spoke with a few of my friends that have removed various units for various reasons and the number one cause for unit failure on the re-install is crossing a wire or forgetting to hook one up.


    I removed both my depth finder and GPS unit at the same time and it took me almost 2 hours to make and label both sides of every connection. I also made a list on a pad for every label and to what unit it went too. As I hooked them up, I crossed them off the list. I was very glad I took that time when I went to re-install. Everything worked the first time I powered up.
  • CAZMCAZM Posts: 93 Deckhand
    Thanks for the help and info. i got a quick answer back from the Garmin help site.... apparently they do not do anything with my unit anymore - must be too old....
    So...looks like i've got to find a new one....
    I have a Furuno depth/fishfinder, so i really only need the GPS capability.
    looking at the gpsmap 421 at around $400 now..... trying to keep it inexpensive - shecked craigslist and nothing much better price-wise, so i'll likely get a new one at the low end (b&w, simple GPS, etc). Any leads on used equipment?

    My unit only has two connections - I assume one to the antenna and one to the power.....so it'll be simpler to disconnect/reconnect - i am hoping that the new unit will be compatible in that regard, as I am not overly handy.... I actually get paranoid about disconnecting/reconnecting anything - for the reasons you mention with yours...

    Again - thanks,
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