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7/27 Jupiter mini season - plan B

My buddy John and I went out Wednesday in a 17' Scout to snorkel for bugs. We've spent many mini seasons down in Big Pine loading up but not this year.

John hit a ledge from the beach at dawn but nobody home except a big nurse shark. We headed out in the bayboat to bumpy seas to a popular near shore reef/rocks but saw no signs of lobster. Our range was limited due to rough conditions and a unfavorable forecast so we decided to switch to plan B.

Caught a good mix of livies at green roofs and slowly made our way out to the edge of the reef to set up a drift in 140'. Strange fishing the edge with hardly any other boats out.

A couple of cudas and bonita and then a small bar jack under a ballon gets BLOWN UP but I didn't see what ate it. John gets on the rod but line goes slack. I'm telling him it must of been a shark when another rod with a deep sardine bows over and this guy starts jumping. Great fight on the Jigmaster with numerous jumps, sounding dives and staying just out of reach.



No lobster but plan B still resulted in some good eats.


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