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Archery Opening Today

maq attaqmaq attaq Posts: 558 Officer
All I can say is that the Mosquitos were the second worse problem today in the woods....even they were fizziling out with heat stroke....not to keen on summer hunting.....it was brutally hot today!!!

Checked the feeder and camera last Wed. evening and set up a pop up blind for this mornings hunt. Two weeks of pics and no bucks...first time this happens in that long a strectch since January when we set the first camera out. Still had pics of does and hogs in the mornig hours. Got to the blind at 5am..My son and I got set up and waited for daylight with double thermacells (earth scent waffer) going. The only thing we saw were some sandhill cranes....lasted till 9.am....it was a sauna in that blind. Came back out in the eveing and sat in the shooting house and nothing but the skeeters were out....checked the camera after the hunt and look who came back..bigger and better...still growing some bone. The time and date must have gotten messed up when we changed the batteries on Wed. He showed up 7 hours after we left. 3a.m. thursday morning....

Need him to start showing up with some shooting light available...




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