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Dolphin Days of Summer

My buddy picked up his brand new 2350 from Bluewater on Monday, we spent the week getting it set up and rigged to fish. Today was the maiden voyage and a successful one at that. Cleared PBI at the crack of 0730, had no problem loading up on sardines just south of the inlet. Headed East and made our first stop on a weedline in 450', just one throwback here. Continued East when we hit a huge school of small fish. Played with them for about 30 minutes keeping a couple of the bigger ones. Decided to leave them in search for some bigger. After about a 15 minute we found what we were looking for, a 25' tree floating all by itself and not another boat in site. Drifted with this tree for the next 3 hours catching dolphin after dolphin. Most fish were in the 8-12lb range with a few bigger. Couldn't tell you how many fish we caught but we kept 30, great way to break in the new ride:Rockon


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