December Peacock Action in Miami

Went out yesterday with a buddy of mine to hit up some peacocks. The county is still doing some weed pulling in Miami-Dade at certain canals still... causing the waters to become milky and shuts the fishing down but turns it up in other areas. We rode around for a bit or what I like to call, "urban run 'n gun", looking for some December peacocks in Miami, Fl. I sighted three very decent peas in a run off, end plug. They were probably averaging 3+ pounds but they were very spookish in clear waters from the wind change from the North back down from out of the South and the scattered showers at night, leaving a few inches of fresh stuff at certain spots and run off at others. We messed around with them for a few minutes but took off shortly after seeing they were not willing to commit to artificials or live bait.

Finally, we come across some peas that were willing to play. We actually saw them crushing some wild baits on top, just across the canal. I make a long cast towards the action and come up with this stud male pea.

My buddy makes a quick pitch as this guy had a few other peas follow the action in. He quickly hooks up to another male. FISH ON, DOUBLE!

We take a few quick pics, revive the peas, and send them back in the drink. We made several more casts in the general area but they had moved on. A few minutes later, I hook on another male a bit smaller than the first but he spat the lure after his 7th or 8th jump. He was not happy at all and did not want anything to do with my lure. A few more rips later and I hook onto this female peacock.

Not too much action the first hour or so but we definitely ended our short session with some decent peas and best of all, we're still in shorts and tees in December. Miami, FL. Come Down & Get Some!
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