Person with a boat needed to go on a guided trip all expences paid

gnfishingnfishin Posts: 35 Deckhand
Hi, i am a knowledgeable fisherman with 20 years of boating experience. Just sold my boat and the one i had my eyes on got sold before i could get it. thought we had a deal but i guess i was wrong....Long story short my dad is coming to visit in the end of August and i would like to take him fishing. if i cant find the boat that i like by then, i would like to team up with someone for some good fishing.I booked a fishing guide to go with us and i also don't mind sharing some of my prime fishing spots.Or looking for someone to just rent the boat from. I'm a responsible guy 35 years of age. looking for someone with a fishing boat on the trailer in MIAMI. call 850 319 1692 Laimis. I WILL COVER ALL THE COSTS!!!
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