Grandslammin sunday half day trip

Had a great couple from Colorado on their honeymoon book a trip for sunday 12/9/12. Started out pitching topwaters for tarpon around 8am. Spent about an hour and a half goin 3 for 1 on juvies around 20lb.s. elsee jumped 2 landed 1 and Ryan was 0 for 1. It got real slow and they were looking pretty comfy with the equiptment and casting well so we moved on out and netted some pilchards. With the live well full I headed a bit south then hit 2 coves picking up a couple nice reds and smaller snook biggest being about 20". So Elsee needed a trout and Ryan needed a trout and a Tarpon. I was thinking no problem she'll get hers and he's out of it do to no **** under his belt. From there we headed through some creeks and passes and ended up way back. In this spot we started out lookibg for trout. Right away they start biting Ryan ended up catching four all over 20". Elsee had some difficulty gettin bit but did manage to lose 2. The trout quit biting so we focused on snook and reds in that same spot. The snook action was insane about 30 caught all pretty small and they each pulled out a fat red and lost some real nice fish. So now Ryan had his slam and Elsee still needed her trout. So I went to a specific big trout spot and none there to play but she did pull out the biggest snook of the day that took a team effort and wemt about 36". It was almost 1:00 and I had friends meeting me at the dock at 1 to head out to Stans for some RnR so I headed in. As were idling back I saw tarpon around and figured lets see if we can get a **** to eat a pilchard as Ryan repeatedly reminded me he only needed one for his grandslam. 10 min.s After chumming up it was Tarpon on around 40# Ryan did an awesome job focusing and followed instruction bowing right on cue for every jump. After that the dudes adrenaline was off the charts he was still fired up till the time the drove away. well that double grandslam has eluded me again and its gettin pretty frusterating seeing that its been near misses by one fish since the last one a few months ago. I am very grateful however for the fish cooperating as well as they have been for my half day trips. I have a full day sat. With two enthusiastic dudes so Im expecting the streak will be broken this weekend. Tear em up
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