Marathon Offshore Fishing Report July 30th

Finally the wind laid down slightly. NOAA held strong at 4 - 6 with a ESE at 15kts. With the girls getting home late from KW last night, too rough for the kids, and down one brother-in-law who had to get back to Jupiter, my options were limited. Never one to leave a man hanging, my other brother-in-law said, let's do this at 7:30am. By 8:00am we were loaded up and crossing over the reef.

After doing some homework last night, I noticed a 150-degree heading off East Sister Rock was the quickest way to the shore side of the Stream (10-mi +/-). From 10-mi off East Sister Rock to 12-mi the weeds were stacking up nicely - think and long (that's what she said) - and the seas were 3 - 5. Soon enough we found some Sooty Terns working the weeds and dropped the lines in. We picked up two small Mahi real quick that we released.

Hoping for bigger fish, we pressed on offshore. At 14-mi - 18-mi the weeds thinned out to "scattered and patchy" and the seas made NOAA look smart at 4 - 6. We consistantly found Sootys and even some Frigates working the scattered and patchy weeds. After a few hours we had 6 Mahi in the box and released at least 6 more. Similarly, we released a ton of "lunchbox" BFT's and some Lesser AJ's.

We were back at the dock by 2:30, in the pool, and drinking!

The only "DOH" moment of the day was a double-header -- with only two on board we lost one boatside when I went to clear a line, steer the boat, and coach my brother-in-law simultaneously.


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