Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Report

I had the pleasure of fishing with an old fishing buddy I hadn’t seen since I moved away for college this weekend. Now that I graduated and finally moved back home to South Florida I will be able to fish my old honey holes and enjoy some of this awesome south florida bass fishing. This particular buddy of mine is this years Florida Bass Federation Champion and taught me a lot about bass fishing I had no clue about. We went out to Lake Okeechobee and tore the bass up. We didn’t have a real pattern we just runned and gunned around the lake fishing different spots a long the way. We would pick up two or three fish in one area here and there until we finally found the pattern. Towards the end of the day we caught staging fish offshore on rattletraps in the four to five pound range however my camera died before I could get that awesome footage. I was still able to snap a pic of them on the cell phone. I made a short video of some of the action I hope you guys enjoy it.


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