duck key fishing report

im heading down to duck key first time and dont know were to fish andy pointers? i have a 22ft shearwater bay boat.


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    Thanks for the report.
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    American wrote: »
    Thanks for the report.

    That was an OUTSTANDING report!
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    im heading down to duck key first time and dont know were to fish andy pointers? i have a 22ft shearwater bay boat.
    I would fish from the bow of the boat, more space and less obstacles for your line to catch onto (motor, power pole, trim tabs, etc.) LOL, good luck and have fun.
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    you know andy pointers? is he in duck key too? were?
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    haha funny jerks
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    I hear those Shearwaters are nice boats.....Lets us know how you do.
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    haha funny jerks

    They were just bustin on ya - u did say "report" in your heading....

    With your boat; go deep for mahi, sprigger bank for macks/trout, ENP for all skinny stuff,,,, Bay wrecks for grouper and bridges/cuts for Tarpon..

    Hawks is great - have fun...
    Gause Built 26
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    Just got back on Sunday dispite not getting a chance to troll since it was to sporty beyond the reef. We got our limit every day for the mini with 6 people for the 2 days and
    worked the yellows each day for our limit only 4.5 miles out of the main enterance of Duck. Headed S to S.E. for 4.5 miles to some nice bottom and put out 2 chum bags for about 30 minutes to have all the action we needed. Limited on tails with keeper peanuts and spanish filling in for some topwater fun. Plan on 2 bags per hour and glass minnows for the first hour and send back a single silverside on a 1/0 hook with 10+ feet of 12 lb. fluro and you will fill the box in no time. Tight lines.
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    nice report gonna be down there soon and was curious on where to go....i always fish miami and northern keys, but never down there.

    did you drop anything to the bottom for some grouper?

    so you just headed S-SE about 4.5 miles out? how many feet were you in?
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    I would go night fishing this time of year down there. Find the reefs between 30-60ft of water that are marking some good bottom, put out a couple of chum bags and watch your fishfinder light up. You will have plenty of bait around the boat (pilchards for sure,Goggle Eyes if your lucky). Chum for an hour while you catch live bait and when your bnaitwell is full, cut them in half and send them down. Mangroves should be thick and muttons/yellowtails/groupers might show up also. Offshore bite has been pretty good also. Good luck.
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    A 22 ShearWater might be a little small for the area that I am suggesting..
    Head out East about 10 miles, and start looking for the birds (holding over Dolphins) when you hit dark blue water.
    That was our experience fishing out of Hawk's Cay resort.
    Get the Coordinates for the humps. Load up on Ballyhoos and (grunts) on the patch reefs a few miles East of the bridge (lots of boats throwing nets in the morning).

    If water is calm, head for the humps... else look for the birds working the water, and the Dorado should be in the area.
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    The second day at the same spot we did keep a live pin on the bottom but only brought up small grouper and a 7 foot nurse shark. Just head around 155 degrees and wait till you hit 45 ft and the go a little deeper and look for some nice bottom. Our spot was in 58ft of water. Good luck!
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    second that thanks for the report
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