Congratulations to

ReaperReaper Posts: 486 Officer
Congratulations to Amy Winehouse 7 days sober!!


  • Fisherman12Fisherman12 Posts: 645 Officer
    Too soon.

    Well, maybe not
  • PhescadorPhescador Posts: 3,816 Officer
    What do Amy winehouse and a vending machine have in common? They both have coke in them and put out for cash

    they tried to make her go to rehab, she's rather o-ver-dose...

    amy winehouse's biggest hit....was her last.

    look everyone wanting to make jokes, form a's what she would have wanted

    Amy Winehourses ashes have a street value of over $180,000

    her parents aren't going to be able to keep her it would be classified as possesion

    elton john's gonna perform at her funeral with a touching rendition of candle under the spoon

    what's the difference between Amy Winehouse and a gutter? The gutter has less needles in it

    just a few i made up for the facebook friends....
    Ewe Inn Joy Mice Elf.
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