New Fishing Buddies

Hello, I am always looking for new guys to fish with that are available during the week.

I have a 23Ft Robalo that is not pretty, it is a fishing boat, and some gear that gets the job done. Dont claim to know it all, but also not my first rodeo.

I am actually sitting here today trying to find someone to go offshore with me... too rough for a solo trip
A lazy fisherman is a boater!!


  • strike onestrike one Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    Too rough!!?? There are guys with Kayaks out there today!!
  • copout@castaways[email protected] Posts: 5,779 Admiral
    I've fished with Jason before & he's good people.
    Jason, check this link too.
  • PottymouthPottymouth Posts: 1,547 Officer
    strike one wrote: »
    Too rough!!?? There are guys with Kayaks out there today!!

    ha ha..... if it was'ent for work ill be out there on my kayak too...
  • AAnglerAAngler Posts: 340 Deckhand
    In my signature is a website that could help out.
  • noah4200noah4200 Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    PM sent
  • gnfishingnfishin Posts: 35 Deckhand
    Hi, i just sold my boat and i would like to go fishing. I've got LOTS of tackle and know some good spots! you can reach me at 850 319 1692
  • ranger350ranger350 Posts: 112 Officer
    Check PM
  • slinks hookd upslinks hookd up Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    Hey buddy, I live in miami lakes and im free weekdays. Give me a call if your in need of an extra person. I have gear and local knowledge aswell. 786-468-9809 Slinky
  • snooknreds2snooknreds2 Posts: 514 Officer
    Thanks for all the contacts, I will be replying to everyone either today or tomorrow.

    I ended up gong yesterday and it was not rough like buoy weather said (3 feet at 3 sec) Ended up going with one new guy and one old friend I have not seen in years.

    We went out and trolled using the new guys lures and methods and produced nothing. Switched up and put out my spread with some islanders and ballyhoo and continued to troll, still nothing to show for it.

    Next up was to drop for some vermilion snapper, which is new to me and definitely not my specialty. We ended up with one and a couple thrown back trigger fish. After that it was time for one of the guest to get home so we ran back and dropped him off. Ended up grabbing some surf boards and skurfing for the last hour of light. Not really my thing, but still a fun day and sure beats sitting on the couch!

    Ryan (copout) thanks for the endorsement!
    A lazy fisherman is a boater!!
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