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Anybody have a good, quick dessert recipe I can whip up for an event tonight? Thanks!


  • Slopps08Slopps08 Posts: 1,038 Officer
    Monkey or gorilla bread

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  • hossmosshossmoss Posts: 1,324 Officer
    I take this to church socials and dinners regularly. It goes away FAST!

    Chocolate Eclair Thing (cheap, really easy and super yummy)

    Prepare 2 3oz boxes of instant french vanilla pudding using 3 cups cold milk, Chill till set then fold in a big tub of creamy cool whip and chill. Take a box of honey graham crackers and lay out one pack on the bottom of a 9x13 pan, spread half the pudding mixture, lay out the 2nd pack of graham crackers, spread the rest of the pudding, lay the 3rd pack of graham crackers. Microwave 2 containers of store bought dark chocolate frosting for 30-40 seconds each then pour 11/2 of the cans on top (to me 1 can is too little and 2 cans is too much) Spread to smooth. Refrigerate for two hours. Now decide what to do with the extra frosting (hint: have extra grahams?)

    Not sure what your "event" is but you can make it as "gourmet" as your skills, time and motivation allow. Make real ganache, custard (pastry cream), chantilly cream, and pate a choux as the individual components if you wish. Then arrange and assemble however seems appropriate for your event.

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  • The BusinessThe Business Posts: 155 Deckhand
    Thanks Guys!!! I didn't win, but the winner and my Dessert were the only ones that looked like someone licked the plate!!


    Hossmoss - Great Call! Really easy and cheap to make. I added a little nutmeg and cinnamon to the pudding. When I went to put the icing in the microwave I realized I grabbed one Dark Chocolate and one Cream Cheese. Just went with it, topped it with a little whip cream and sprinkled with cinnamon.

    Slopps - What's Monkey or gorilla bread? I'd like to try it!

    Ontheedge - Great fallback, especially the Key Lime Pie :-)

    The kids made quick work of the bowl and extra icing !

    Have a great weekend!
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