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irishff727irishff727 Posts: 948 Officer
[email protected] getting a dedicated snapped set up. Was thinkin ager lx or hx single speed gonna have the rod custom built around a 40 lb tackle set up. Which reel would u all choose. Does the lx have enough drag for a big mutton or grouper? Or would the hx just be a better choice. And yes I am partial to avets have a few of them mostly set up for tolling or live baiting 20-30 lb range.
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  • YaksquatchYaksquatch Posts: 499 Officer
    40lbs braid or mono? I've got a JX with 500yds of 50lbs braid plus 20yds mono topshot on a custom spiral wrapped rod that can put a beat-down on some snapper! The LX would be a good choice for 40lbs mono since you can probably get 300+ yds on it if you wanted to branch out to other applications. Anything above the LX is just unnecessary for 40lbs tackle. If I recall correctly, both the JX and LX are rated at up to 16lbs strike and 20lbs full drag and should be plenty for what you want to do with them.

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  • irishff727irishff727 Posts: 948 Officer
    Was thinking Jx but still unsure. Was hoping to get a Lil more response on here.
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  • TrafficTraffic Posts: 124 Officer
    Irish, I see you are in West Palm. Are you drifting or anchoring? How deep are you fishing?

    I use Penn 113H with a Tiburon handle. A buddy has had an Avet H 2 speed for a while now and he really likes it. I think the bigger drag disk of the H would help you when you stumble across a bigger fish especially when you are fishing deeper than 100' in the currents off West Palm. And it has enough line capacity to double as a trolling reel if you ever need one. If you fish any of the wrecks over 100 feet the H would also be nice.

    But fishing with the smaller reels is nice.
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    For Snapper any of those reels will suffice, but for Grouper the bigger one would be best for more drag output.
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