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Boynton - 7/29 AM - Wahoo, Dolphin

Went out again this morning with my out of town guest. Cleared the inlet at around 8am. 2-3' seas. Nice clean water. Few scattered weeds and more life / fliers than there were on Tuesday. Wind was ESE. It looked like there were some rain clouds on the north side so went to the south side with my typical spread and zig zagged between 100-400'. It was slowwwwww. No knockdown, misses, cutoffs - nada. Until about 10am when the planer tripped with a little dolphin.

There's Joe with the little Dolly.

Not bad. At least a good eating fish in the box for our guest. By 10:30am, the clouds on the north side had cleared up and the tide was changing. I decided to turn north and work the dropoff during the tide change. About 11:15am, at 250' in front of the Ritz, the planer trips and I could tell it was a solid hookup of a wahoo. Kept the boat going east at 7 kts, reeled the line in to the planer, hand lined the leader in, and brought the fish on its side to the boat to a single gaff shot.



I was pretty psyched - packed up and ran in. Was home by 12:30pm. It was a really nice day on the water.


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