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SLI 7/29/2011

cleared the inlet just after day break with our lights on and headed towards bullshark and found some in 42 ft of water near the yellow markers.We made several drifts as other boats arrived and loaded up in a half hour before heading to pushbutton hill.The seas were all of the 2-3 ft 5 second chop and it took us awhile to get to 200 where we dopped in a spread of ballyhoo and continued east to 320 and lots of scattered weed.
The wind was blowing east all morning till after 11am,we had afew mystery bites,2 of which took everything.we ended up north of PBH and had a double header on fins.One was decent that we kept and the other we released,got the spread back in and deweeded again and again and then hooked a nice gaffer almost 36 inches. saw lots of flying fish and bait under the weeds but had to work for our 2 fins.all in all it was great once we got offshore.my friend Herbert had not beeen out on the water for a few years so he was a happy camper today


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