Cameras to be set up in no-wake zone

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Oh, boy. Another money grab by the government. Pretty soon cameras will be policing us everywhere we go, watching everything we do just to collect a fine.

PORT RICHEY - When the city of Port Richey had a problem with accidents at the corner of Ridge Road and U.S. 19, it installed cameras. The cameras were designed to catch drivers running red lights.

Now the city has a new problem and wants to use the camera as a solution. The Port Richey Police Department wants to install cameras along a channel that leads from a city boat launch into the Gulf of Mexico.

"People are getting tired of the chronic violations of the no-wake zone," said Mayor Richard Rober. "Video technology is a tool for cities facing budget shortfalls."

Although he consistently refuses to divulge accident statistics, Police Chief Dave Brown claims the cameras at the corner of U.S. 19 and Ridge Road have made the area safer.

"Less crashes and less injuries -- that's the whole purpose of that camera is, indeed, to make you a better driver," Brown said.

Boaters are less enthusiastic.

"I think that's a stupid idea," said boater Will Burbach as he wrapped a day on the Gulf. "Why do you need security cameras on the river?"

Critics suggest the cameras are a way to generate money for cash-strapped municipalities.

Indeed, Port Richey's cameras have generated thousand of dollars for the one-square-mile city.

Mayor Rober also acknowledged his city is facing tough financial times. Although the police department has a boat, it's most often tied up at a dock.

"It will probably make a lot of people mad. People want to just go out and have fun, they don't want to have to worry about getting a ticket on the water," John Roman said dockside.

Although the mayor suggested the seaside camera idea is worth exploring, the tape is not rolling just yet. He said there are numerous questions about how the video would be used, being able to identify boaters who do violate no-wake zones, and how to calibrate speed on the water.

While those questions are debated, the city will try to find the $10,000 it may take to install the cameras.


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    govmt at work
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    Say what you want about cameras ,but the effect they have had on me has made me a safer driver. The old me would haul butt to get through a light when it was yellow(puting myself and everyone around me in danger). The new me,(scared of getting a ticket from the camera ****) now slows down and stops for yellow and waits for the next green light . I hate-um but they have sure changed the way I go about my business as far as safty at intersections.Just the threat of the camera might cause compliance amoung boaters.
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    those cameras wont last that long
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