Nest Keys near Key Largo

What is the best approach to the Nest Keys? I will be coming from Tapon Basin. Tried to get close recently but found the area to be quite shallow and turned back. Heard it is a beautiful beach and would like to spend some time there.


  • 2fastlx2fastlx Posts: 407 Deckhand
    After clearing Dusenberry, head NW between Whaleback and Porjoe keys. Continue northwest and round the tip of Nest. Everyone hangs out on the West side. Youll see the beach and probably other boats as well.
  • Stroker AceStroker Ace Posts: 335 Deckhand
    Remember though Nest isnt Elliot key, leave your train horn and loud music at home FWC dont play that chit in the park.
  • Ilive2fishIlive2fish Posts: 274 Deckhand
    Thanks for the replies. Don't own a train horn, we have a place in Key Largo that we bought two years ago for weekends and vacations and prefer the quieter life. Can't wait to visit the place next week.
  • Egrets LandingEgrets Landing Posts: 949 Officer
    Follow the red line from the creek to past the north end of Nest. Approach from the other side at idle where it says "camping"


  • keylargo359keylargo359 Posts: 1,249 Officer
    The park rangers keep that area tight no dogs on the beach no Barbecue on the beach but the beach is nice this time of year you really don't want to get right on the beach the bugs will carry you away anchor back off the beach 20 YDS or so and that will keep the bugs at bay.the trip is short and easy to make when you clear grouper creek you will see marker 53 go just past it turn west stay at least a 150 Yds off the mangroves that will be on your right when you get close to the Island/Nest Key you want to be to the North side of the Island once you clear the north tip there is good water depth the beach will be right in the center of the Island.the east and south side of the Island is very shallow
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