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Arbuckle WMA

GlennGlenn GeorgiaPosts: 1,737 Captain
I usually try not to "Internet Scout" but I did not get drawn for an archery quota during the first phase so for the 2nd phase the was only a couple hunts left and my 2nd choice I put in for Arbuckle WMA.

The hunt is at the end of October and was just curious what the deer herd is like down there. Also how is the camping areas around the WMA.

Any help is appreciated....


  • pbsnookerpbsnooker Posts: 882 Officer
    Ihave hunted there a few times, killed a couple 8s few years back. I like the areas aroud the lake. If you dont mind a chance at hogs hunt near the creekbottoms that lead to the lake. Theres plenty of does, bucks have always been tough in archery, but theres some nice ones in there
  • james 14james 14 Posts: 3,084 Moderator
    I had a slam dunk spot in 04 before the hurricanes hit and destroyed the canopy allowing the undergrowth to explode and dropping trees all over my path. I'll send you a map if you're willing to do the trail work to get back in the spot. The canopy may have repaired itself by now and kept down some of the undergrowth.
  • GlennGlenn GeorgiaPosts: 1,737 Captain
    Snooker thanks for the tips...

    James if you have a map I'd surely give it a look or GPS points work as [email protected]

  • deerfootdeerfoot Posts: 493 Deckhand
    Hunted there off and on the past 10 years.Not what it used to be but decent on hogs if you know where to go.
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