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    Nothing, just water
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    rrbgtt's choice!


    Bacon Shaving Cream: J&D's Foods Gives You The Manliest Way To Get Rid Of Your November Beard

    The Huffington Post | By Andy Campbell Posted: 11/29/2012 12:14 pm EST Updated: 11/29/2012 2:43 pm EST

    Mmmmmm, BACON.

    Your wife will be happy because you're finally shaving off that disgusting no-shave-November beard, and you'll be happy because bacon.

    J&D's Foods finally found a way to top its now-infamous Baconlube with the brand new breakfast-infused lathering product, Bacon Shaving Cream.

    You'll not only get all the benefits of "rich creamy moisturizers and hearty essential oils," but you'll smell like bacon. All day.

    "Bacon Shaving Cream is a high end, luxurious bacon-scented shaving cream for all skin types," company co-founder Dave Lefkow wrote in a press release."Our advanced heat-activated aromatic technology lasts for hours and delivers maximum bacon scent when you need it most."
    Maybe if we tell people that the brain is an App, they will start using it.
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    I have very sensitive skin. Suffered for most of my 20's and 30's with shaving on and off. Then I found Aveeno. It is well worth the price to me. Someone posted the dipilatory type earlier...I prefer the regular with the dark blue trim on the can.
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    Borrowed from Mrs T once when I ran out, best shave I ever had.
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    Soap not good on my babyface either, I do better just shaving with warm water. When I had a beard I never used anything but hot water to shave my neck.
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    I use the gel because I feel that it fits better in my ditty-bag that the large size shaving cream and I don't care for travel sizes because they run out quick.
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    Pretty sure I found what Rusty uses to keep his bald head shiny:

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