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Hey everyone!! I have an issue I need some assistance on. My wife and I found out we finally have a weekend free and want to camp... And fish. We recently moved from Alaska where all camping is done via boat and bringing your gear aboard. We both love and want to do that more often. Can anyone give any good recommendations on islands that are good to camp and fish from? I'm hoping to keep it within a half hour truck ride and half hour (40mph) boat ride. I live close to Arlington Marina ramp an 20 minutes from Mayport. We've been on Exchange Island before but it's got many a raccoon and its really not clean from all the previous users (side note: anyone want to get together and clean that place up??) the only place that I can think of that's worthwhile fishing and camping is exchange island or Hanna park. I know of little talbot but never been there. Anywhere you guys suggest would be awesome! I only ask for many details bc we won't be able to do our normal several days of scouting to find the perfect spot, were just gonna end up going where y'all say. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!
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    If you are looking for a place to pitch a tent and fish from your campsite, the only place I know of is Huguenot. Crowded on weekends and lots of car traffic (by camping standards) as the riverside sites are literally right on the main park road.... if you're sitting down on the beach watching for your rod to bend it wont bother you though.

    If you are looking for an island to take a boat to and camp, the only place I know of in NE/Central Florida is Mosquito Lagoon...but you need a skinny water boat for sure.

    If you need a place to car-camp within very short walking distance of a beach, river or creek, then you have Little Talbot, Anastasia, Faver Dykes (sp?), Ft. Clinch, Huguenot, Hanna Park. None of those places have great (spacious or private) sites, but all are close to water. All of them tend to sell out on weekends around Oct-Apr. All of them are hot as an armpit from May-Sep so bring your AC/RV.

    If you're feeling more adventurous, you can "remote" camp on the beach up at Cumberland Island last time I checked.
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