Crystal River 11/29

A couple days prior to today we thought it would be a decent day on the water. Wanted to head to some rocks about 9 miles from the end marker to see if the sheephead started to come in yet. Half way there around 9:30 and it's already 12mph wind and we start crashing into waves. I lost interest to keep going if the conditions would only get worse so we head to closer rocks I found earlier this year. Usually they are in 8ft today it was low tide and they we literally sticking out of the water in about 4 1/2ft. I was disappointed how shallow it was managed only 1 seabass around 11" so I started heading back to try one deep spot I like for seabass then try getting out of the wind. Wind and tide was so strong trying to anchor was difficult but then the seabass bite got crazy with all big sea bass instead of the little ones. I would bring in one measure it over 10" toss it toward the front of the boat for my friend jake to put into the livewell he hooks up with a 12" seabass. We couldn't wait to even put the fish away we were tossing them on the floor trying to get a bait in the water asap! After about 15-20 minutes of this bite we brought in 5 nice seabass with two around 12" and a nice sheephead a little short of 16". Bite slowed down we looked at the floor and was like I guess we can put the fish away now :cool:. Moved around a bit in this nice hole, picked up a keeper here and there and then I got another sheephead pushin 17" you can see in the pic the waves were growing even inshore. Left around 1:30 bass fished a little in the river caught a couple little ones and called it a day, glad we were able to make a decent day out of it.


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