Moving to South Beach... Ideas?

I'm a Northeast Florida local looking to make a move to better my life. I'm currently a student studying Environmental Sciences at Flagler College. I've wanted to live in South Florida my whole life and I'm now finally getting the opportunity to do so. I've been an avid fisherman my whole life and definitely have a passion for it. I want to make it a career if possible (sport fishing in mind). I'll be visiting either this weekend or the following weekend to scout the area for jobs and housing. Not looking for any handouts just looking to get some insight on where to look or who to ask about getting in the industry. I'll be looking to find any job right off the bat as I don't expect to find what I'm looking for instantly. I was thinking of checking out the Golf and beach resorts first as that fits my lifestyle. Not really a restaurant person, no experience. Anybody have any insight or know of any open work? Like I said I am open to pretty much anything that can pay the bills and wont have me scrounging for my last pennies. Getting on a boat for some work would be great and I would definitely take any opportunity that comes my way. I'll be staying with a couple friends that live right off Euclid and 7th and they work at Equinox and Smith and Wollensky so something in the same area that is walking distance would be a plus. Any feedback or help that is given would be greatly appreciated.:fishing



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    use to like the area, but south beach proper, esp on washington and collins, has become dangerous at night.

    Have you been to S. Fl?
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    Want a better life, get a better major and dont follow in the footsteps of two folks working in resturants in MIA. IMHO;
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    P B wrote: »
    Moving to South Beach... Ideas?

    Change you mind.
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    don't stay home on Memorial Weekend.
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    As someone who lives on the Beach (not south, more central) it is a nice place to live in this town. Living down south, traffic can be crazy bad but that all depends on when and where your commute is.

    I do not know a bunch of folks in the fishing business, but I am pretty sure, I have not run into many, if any that live on the beach. If I were you, I would be looking to Coconut Grove. Lots of docks there and maybe more networking opportunities. It is relatively close to bayside where there is a lot of boat job opportunities to make some money while you are looking around.

    South Beach can be a fast life style and I am not talking about how fast folks roller blade around.
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    don't stay home on Memorial Weekend.


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    Check out Twist on Washington. I hear they are hiring for a nite position.

    Good luck out there.........
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    South beach is good if you like fishing for grouper aka chernas
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    that hot chica may not be a chica
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    You couldn't get me to live on South Beach if you gave me a free house. S. Beach is a freak show.
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    I lived and worked in South Beach for several years and it was a BLAST. So many hot ladies to shake a stick at. In fact the last girl I picked up I ended up marrying and having kids with - so it can be dangerous too. My wife and I still discuss getting a condo there for the weekends and visitors. The thing I liked about it was you could always find peace and quite in your condo, but if you wanted to play it was just outside the front door. Can't remember how many times dawns guiding light got me home. A car/parking can be a burden there but I used to walk, bike or take a cab everywhere. Enjoy your youth. As for employment, check Craigslist. Best of luck.

    . . . and anejo22, is there anything you would like talk about? You are amongst friends here. :grin
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