Real Late report but good video Tavernier sails

Sorry for the late report but I wanted to have the video ready to go along with it. Fished for a week out of Tavernier the first week of may on a full moon. Had the worst time locating live bait but it seemed like every bait we put out caught a sail or a BBF (big black fin tuna). On the week we ended up with 7 sails 5 bbf bunch of small bf and a couple small fish. The sails and tunas all struck late in the after noon mainly because we spent most of the day trying to find bait. We stayed around 120 feet right out of Tavernier creek and bump trolled one or two livies at a time. There were a few days we started fishing with only two baits, caught two fish, and headed back for more bait. All in all we had a great trip caught a bunch of fish and cant wait to get back. Check out the video at

We are headed back to marathon over new years would love advice for that ever so precious live bait.


  • TavernierGuyTavernierGuy Posts: 917 Officer
    Bait moves around pretty good. Find a patch reef in 10-15ft of water. Catch what you need each day, leave the patch with lots of chum, then they "might" be there the next day. Looks like you had a good push of fish and hit it at the right time, great job on the Sailfish.
  • NorthernNorthern Posts: 885 Officer
    You have done some "top drawer" camera work and editing in your video.

    I tip my hat to all involved.
  • drgibbydrgibby Posts: 1,383 Officer
    Great video. We fish Big Pine in May and June and bait can be very hit or miss there as well. Don`t know what your looking for But we consistantly catch goggleyes and large scaled sardines at the reef. We anchor in 50-70 ft and hang a chum bag we do this at least two hours before it even starts to get light. It usually takes 30 - 45 min before they start to show, then we catch them with sabiki`s,. The florida Goggle Eye rig is my favorite, in glow green. It helps to hit the sabiki with the spot light before you send it down, to really light it up. They tend to hang down about 25 feet below the surface. If the current is strong put the chum bag off the bow. It is a pain to head out at 3 am but the trade off is you have baits in the water at first light. We catch more BFT`s than sails , but also run a wire line for wahoo. Good Luck
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