Beautiful Tuesday afternoon bite. 11/27

Put the boat in around noon to flat calm overcast condictions. I was thinking topwater all afternoon. Got to the first spot and within 5 cast had a nice trout in the box. 5 more cast and Bruce adds a 24 inch red to the party in the cooler. But then the clouds parted and the sun came out. Had to switch over to soft plastics and the bite slowed a bit but was steady and we had our limit of trout and reds with in just over 4 hours. I also took my fishing bow to shot the sheephead we have been seeing but had a very high tide that put 3 foot of water over most of the bars. Now the black drum are in full force and were running down soft plastics. Caught 3 today all on Zoom super flukes intended for reds. We watched one chase a fluke off the top of the bar all the way to the boat and eat right at boat side. Would have been the most awesome thing ever if it were not a big ugly lol. They were also spunky. Fought more like an upper slot red than a tree branch in the river.


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