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Ken from Michigan

Hooked up with Ken (Nailer on the forums) this morning. Got an early start and hit Matlacha up. Got into some tailing redfish first thing and manage to snag one on a riptide shrimp. The rest of the day was pretty slow with a few trout here and there. Saw some more tailing reds but they had lockjaw. All in all not a bad day on the water.


    Glad to see you and "Nailer" got a few fish. He mentioned you were going to take him out to do some "yak" fishing. Weather looks much nicer where you are than in Michigan. Great pics.
  • TimGleasonTimGleason Posts: 289 Deckhand
    Hey Jim - enjoy your reports. I live/work in California but have a place in Bokeelia and am an avid kayak fisherman. I am also a commercial photographer. Which is why I live in CA as I can generate an income. Reason I am dropping you a note is I have noticed a certain trend in your photos. I am not sure if you are going for a purposeful oversharp/highpass look on all your photos (this was all the rage a couple/few years ago amongst certain segments of business) or if you could use some help with post production on your still imagery. If you want a couple of tips, drop me a note. Be more than happy to give you some basic unsharp masking setting and other quick tips to give you a more realistic look to your imagery. If you are going for that look purposefully, you can tell me to shut up. I'm not criticizing but just want to offer some help if needed. Heading back to FLA for a few weeks over the holidays. Can't wait to get into some reds. Tight lines. /tg www.timgleasonphotography.com
  • Captain RossCaptain Ross Posts: 289 Officer
    The HDR life cycle.
  • jvanpeltjvanpelt Posts: 411 Deckhand
    I kinda like that HDR look for myself but I know that a lot of people prefer the natural look. So I keep both so that people can tell me which ones they want. However I would definitely be open to any tips. I don't have an SLR camera, just a halfway decent point and shoot camera. If you wanna give me a shout when you get down here we can hit Pine Island or Matlacha up and get after some reds.
  • NailerNailer Posts: 318 Deckhand
    Although the fish where a bit stubborn, we hab a great time with you Jim. I'm glad the wind took a break for us, and gave us some flat glass water. Thanks for having us.
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