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Reds in Buzzard Bay

I went out with my father in-law, which was a newbie on my boat. I decided to treat him to some inshore fishing. We took off at D&D around 9 in the morning and tried the graveyard. Its a cut east of the matlache bridge. We got stumped there, so we proceeded to the 3 pilings north of matlache pass. Started off slow but then the snappers started to hit. All shorts. So I remember one of buddies telling me that buzzard bay was running good with reds. We made our way into some cuts on the east side of the bay and found some deep fast moving water beyond the shallows and BAM!! We were pulling up red after red, there was some sheepies in the mix too. Sadly they were all shorts , the largest being a 16.5". All in All it was a fun day. After picking reds from other cuts in the bay the water slowed down and so did the bite. We used about 90 of the 150 live shrimp we had gotten that morning. To add some food for thought, I also proved to my father in-law that I can find the fish, lol. :Rockon


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