Flamingo "Hot" so far this winter

Yes....I'm going to post a report. It's been about two years but figured it was time to write.
I was even thinking of making a Hemmingwayesque or pallotesque report but I said naaaah.
Instead, I decided on a spartan minimalist approach.

Fished with my buddy Omar on the BTX. First time back in park in about 5 weeks. Last two trips were inside ramp trips to wwb.
Cold at dark 30. 55 degrees. North wind at 10 plus. Ran west to stay protected from wind with tide bottoming out. Fished the swing at cape and got several snook to 30 inches before the slack tide. Really were hoping for some man size snook with the cold but on got a couple. Cold incoming tide shut down bite for us. We could have headed into Ingraham and gone into some back creeks but Headed back east and wind picked up some more sending us to the Big Cheese for lunch.

All fish were caught on Ashley's finest.
Overall a beautiful day and great day in the park with a great company and good fishing. I anticipate a really good winter of fishing. WWB about to go off. Time to get a kayak too.

Old School... Out


  • Pucker FactorPucker Factor Posts: 875 Officer
    I would have killed to at least have seen a 30" yesterday fishing with Tailchaser in the back.

    Since I didn't win powerball last night, I guess I will continue trying to find the fish on my own.
  • oldschoolmarceloldschoolmarcel Posts: 157 Officer
    Adam. Pm me and I'll give you some specifics.
  • Pucker FactorPucker Factor Posts: 875 Officer
    I will consider which limb I am willing to give up. ;-)
  • UrbanAnglerMiamiUrbanAnglerMiami Posts: 448 Officer
    Great report!
    "Exploring the Sublime of the Angling Worlds." HT
  • flatsstalkerflatsstalker Posts: 469 Deckhand
    I think I saw you at the gas station don't know if u or ur buddy is the one I know
    09 Beavertail BTX
    1999 18 Dolphin backcountry
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