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triple tail are out there.

^tuesday Brads 17"

I have been on this forum for long time under another namne, and never used to post anything. Always read, and got some solid info from it. Figured it was time to start giving back to everyone who has helped me. So my goal is to start posting much more often, starting with this post...

I recently boat a new (to me) boat. 1969 aquasport with a nice tower. So I have been looking forward to really use the tower for triples and cobes. Ran north and south, fish were in both directions out of NewPass.

Tueday: I fished with my buddy Brad, Ran traps from 14' to as far out as the strings were set, stopped looking at depth machine because they were all over in every depth but if I had to guess out to 35ish feet. We saw 20+ trips, caught 12 only two of them being keepers at 17". We did lose a keeper next to the boat about the same size as those two. The rest all messured half inch short, 14 1/2. I dont keep limits on many fish, but triple tail and cobia I will till I die... if some of yal disagree so be it. A few buoys held 2 and 3 fish on one buoy. Saw a fish that at the time i figured was 12-15lb, until I got a 12lb on Friday. The fish I saw had to be all of 15 if not to 20lb...absolute STUD. He was with one smaller one who ate before we had a chance to let the biggin eat, which he spooked after that. Either way awwwwesome to see. Also got a cobia just short of keeper 33".

Friday: took my mom, girlfriend and cousin out. Not as many fish, wind was pretty good out of the north so didnt cover as many traps. Saw 8 fish, didnt bother with the smaller ones. Threw at three fish, all of which we caught in these pics. 17", 19" and just shy of a 24" which weighed in at 12lb. My mom caught the big boy, made her day. The wind made positioning and casting some what of a pain. I pulled out the driftchute after the first fish, made it much much easier! Gave me more than just one chance to make a good cast.

Overall, fish are out there. I stayed as far away from the lines that I was looking at as possible while driving and casting.

Goodluck, I plan on fishing again Sunday. But weekends never serve as successful as weekdays for tripletail, atleast for me. Ill post if I do any good again...



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