First Yankeetown Snook!! And Convict Alert!!

Man that is awesome to say! Took my oldest today out, we put in around 1030. Kid said he wanted to go out Bennett Creek, so we did. Fished CTs and live and frozen shrimp all the way out of the creek almost to east pass. Nothing not a bite. Fished all of east and a bunch of areas I have never fished before. Same thing nothing! Thank goodness for iPhone and games, son would of been bored to death.
It was around 130 and we got back into the ****. Started hitting all the limestone banks. Got a few pins, alright we're getting somewhere. Son back into the game. Got rid of the CTs and went to the bottom. Picked up three short trout. Few more pins , and out of now where up pops this little Jem!!ImageUploadedByTapatalk1353712682.299032.jpg

Ya ya not the monster you fellas get but heck got to start somewhere! We hit every rock and fishy looking spot on the way back to YT. One last surprise, my son got his first sheepshead!! About 13 inches.

All in all awesome day. Great save for what looked like a big old goose egg of a day. Tomorrow will hopefully be just as good!
[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]AKA Flatheadcat


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