2 Peacocks, 1 Angler on Spin & FLY!

Went out for a bit with my buddy Rob a.k.a. "Gettin Jiggy!", to hit up some peas in Miami, FL. I scooped some livies from my holding tank and we headed out. At the first spot we pitched out a couple of live ones and immediately got a pea to trail it, two quick swipes and misses, and quickly gone as fast as he came. We made a few more casts and nothing.

I decide to move over about 50yds. and wanted to film Rob on a very productive "hole", hoping we could get some good footage with the GoPro, custom mounted on a pole I recently rigged up. I tell Rob to pitch out a live one at certain spots, fanning with each cast. After a few casts with no trailers or hits, I ask him if he could pitch it under some pipes. "NO prob", says Rob. Almost immediately, Rob is on a decent pea. FISH ON! As he fights the fish, he sees another, larger pea swooping in to see what all the commotion is about. Rob opens bail on the first peacock so he can walk a few feet back, grabbed his fly rod while still having the first pea on spin, and gets his fly out there. Strip, strip, BOOM!!! Nice hook set! Double peacock on spinning & fly by one angler. Freakin' AWESOME JOB ROB! Vid in the making... Miami, FL. Come Down & Get SOME!
"Exploring the Sublime of the Angling Worlds." HT


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