New Beavertail Strike Unveiling and Meet Stu Apte

Capt Mike BartlettCapt Mike Bartlett Posts: 30 Deckhand
Aeon Marine and Beavertail Skiffs with Stu Apte will be in Key West Saturday November 24th debuting the new 17' Beavertail Strike skiff. We will be at Hurricane Hole Marina in the morning from 9am - 1:30pm then again at the Salt Water Angler from 3:00pm - onwards. Come by and meet legendary angler and IGFA Hall of Famer Stu Apte.

Check out Stu Apte's Signature Series Beavertail, the new Beavertail Strike Skiff, Beavertail BT3 and the Aeon 23 bay boat. Boats will be available onshore and in the water for sea trials. Stu Apte, Aeon Marine owners Will and Liz, Captain Gregg McKee and Captain Mike Bartlett will be on hand to answer your questions and take you out for ride.

Then Sunday November 25th the team will be in Islamorada at the Lorelei from 12 noon - onwards.

Hope to see you there.

New 17' Beavertail Strike

Aeon 23

Beavertail Vengeance


  • FlatoutventuresFlatoutventures Posts: 224 Officer
    So what is new about the Strike?? Vengeance hull or something different? Thanks
  • Capt Mike BartlettCapt Mike Bartlett Posts: 30 Deckhand
    Short answer, based on BT3/Vengeance hull but, 6" shorter, 8" narrower about 100 lbs lighter resulting in a shallower drafting technical skiff.

    Taken from Beavertail website:

    The Ultimate Fly Fishing Machine.*Strike is the boat that shallow water anglers have been dreaming about for decades. The best features of every Beavertail skiff that has ever been built have been brought together in the all-new 17′ hull.
    This third generation Beavertail was designed for the owners of the original skiffs who loved their ultra-shallow performance but also wanted more speed, better storage, and an even drier ride. With the 550lb Strike, they got their wish. Rated for up to 90 horsepower, this boat can race across the skinniest flats thanks to its unique, semi-tunnel hull. The huge flared bow, inspired by Carolina sport fishing yachts, is a carryover from its Vengeance/BT3 cousins, and makes Strike the driest technical poling skiff on the market today.
    There was also a demand to produce a boat that fits and can be stored inside a garage. With an optional swing tongue trailer, the new Strike does just that, and it can be towed to the ramp by almost any vehicle.
    Like all of Beavertail Skiffs, each Strike is custom built for its owner and their style of fishing. Its spacious cockpit is rigged with a side console, and a tiller driven Lodge Edition is available as the ultimate lightweight bonefishing skiff. Best of all, you can own all of this quality and performance at an introductory price that no competitor can match.
    When the middle of nowhere is your destination, the all new Beavertail Strike is ready to take you there.
  • O.SEA.DO.SEA.D Posts: 646 Officer
    I was at Aeon Marine yesterday dropping my Pro Guide off for some TLC and took a long look at the Strike mold with Will. From our conversation I'm pretty sure a Tiller model Strike will be joining my Pro Guide in the drive way.
    2011 Aeon Pro Guide 23'
    Etec 250
  • Capt Mike BartlettCapt Mike Bartlett Posts: 30 Deckhand
    That's awesome. I can't wait to take the strike for a ride myself. My buddy Capt Gregg McKee was on the first one and loved it. Says if he didn't just get his bt3 he would have a strike.
  • mac02wmac02w Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Just ordered a new BT3 for the Angler-Share fleet. We are very excited to be working with Will and Liz at Beavertail. Be sure to join them in the Keys and check out the new Strike!

    Affordable boat share for the demanding angler.
  • Capt. Gregg McKeeCapt. Gregg McKee Posts: 201 Officer
    If I were back guiding in the Keys there's no questions that I would own a Strike with a Yamaha F70. This is the best combination of a dry open water ride, super shallow poling and great fuel economy for those waters. The fact that you can get this boat for under $30k and have it delivered in around six weeks can't be beat. I'm still thrilled with my BT3 but I'm really lusting after one of these new Strikes.
  • Capt Mike BartlettCapt Mike Bartlett Posts: 30 Deckhand
    A friendly reminder, Beavertail Skiffs Demo will be held in Key West on Saturday and in Islamorada on Sunday, details above. Stop by to meet Stu Apte and the Beavertail Skiffs team and check out some great boats.

    Hope to see you there!!!
  • O.SEA.DO.SEA.D Posts: 646 Officer
    Anyone down there needs to go for a ride in the Pro Guide they have on display. When it comes to hybrid hulls she'll really impress you and with the Etec she gets up and goes like a scalded dog.

    Yes, I'm biased
    2011 Aeon Pro Guide 23'
    Etec 250
  • Capt. Gregg McKeeCapt. Gregg McKee Posts: 201 Officer
    Don't forget to mention how shallow it runs, that's something that really amazes me with the Aeon 23s. There were also a pair at last weekend's Palm Island event with Merc and Yammie 300s on the back. Talk about rocket sleds.

    Aeon Marine is really going full throttle right now. They had a pile of BT3 orders last month, the Strike is getting rave reviews down in the Keys right now, and their new 24 bay boat is hitting the market early next year. Their line up makes them a complete boat company that can rival any of their competitors and yes, I'm biased too.
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