Padrinos Original Hoagies

Awesome 1st post! Do they have spam sammies? A location might help too


  • GRSCGRSC Posts: 941 Officer
    Spam on rye to go please
  • spinfreakspinfreak Posts: 5,204 Admiral
    A little non-blatant spam isn't so bad (this is obviously blatant), but at least give their location and phone number. What good is spam if it serves no benefit to the business? Do you think I'm going to try to look up their info now? Honestly, if you gave their location, and they were nearby, I'd probably try them out. But I'm not putting effort into finding a place that I don't give two craps about
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  • AmericanAmerican Posts: 130 Officer
    Spam sammies......thats good stuff.
  • copout@castaways[email protected] Posts: 5,779 Admiral
    Stuart? You can't even spam the right section... come on meng!
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