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Estero Bay and Lake Erie Fishing Report (Pictures and Video) November 2012

Probably the only post that has ever had that title!

I am back this week for some holiday R&R. Last weekend I fished the tributaries of Lake Erie for Steelhead. Went to the mouth of the creek and there were 200 people and over 1000 fish to be caught. Not wanting to deal with the crowd we went up the river away from the people. It's amazing that any fish get up the creek past the hundreds of people. Me and my girlfriend both ended up getting one. Mine was about 8 pounds and hers was about 5 pounds. Both caught on egg sacs. Strange fishery...but with the surprisingly screaming drag (I fought mine for 7-10 minutes on 8# test) it's the closest thing to saltwater fishing near Pittsburgh.


Today I was able to get out on the water with two of my best friends. We got out at around 130 to a rising tide. I was able to catch a few mullet and ladyfish for redfish bait. We chunked them up and caught three 23-26 inch fish in the middle of the rising tide on a clear grass flat in 3 feet of water. We then tried to catch a few trout and was able to catch five or so on DOA Shrimp and Mirrolure Trokar Mogan Series lures to 22". Not bad for a few hours only burning a gallon of gas. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I truly miss being here...don't take what you have for granted.

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  • Bush WhackerBush Whacker Posts: 135 Officer
    Great report and pics Cubs. Always did enjoy your reports.
  • fishdishfishdish Posts: 1,223 Officer
    Great report and pics. What camera do you use?
  • larrywittlarrywitt Posts: 2,745 Moderator
    Well you were fishing is in my old back yard,we lived about 8miles north of Erie by I-90..We would fish Trout run on calm days off the shore line,Elk creek and shore line kinda looks like were you were,then to the east 18 and 20 mile creeks..Noodle rods lite line, small hooks when hooked the fish were in control..I could be a slippery foot race..Lot of fun..Hope the weather holds when you are down..My son is coming down for two weeks this Monday from Erie hope to get him offshore..
    thanks for the post
  • LightmanLightman Posts: 38 Greenhorn
    Good stuff man, you weren't too far away!I fish and dock my boat on Lake Erie. I haven't done much river fishing, but 99% of the time I fish open water where I primarily troll with large planer boards and 8-12 line spreads for walleyes, or we anchor and bottom fish for yellow perch (much tastier/not comparable to ocean perch or white perch). Ironically I saw this thread you posted just now, and this afternoon I am on my way to Sarasota for the week to visit mom/have turkey. I hope to fish as much as possible.. I will only have my 11ft inflatable RIB this week in Sarasota, but if the weather is nice it's a lot better than being stuck onshore..I'm excited. If the weather is nice and you see some lunatic in a dinghy trolling plugs a few miles out in the gulf, say hey ! :)
  • esteroestero Posts: 2,041 Captain
    Nice fish.

    I fished steelhead in Lake Erie back in the 90's. Caught some in open water on trolling lures. We fished in several areas up creeks and rivers using minnows and eggs. I usually fished walleye and perch from the western basin to the Ashtabula area out to 20 miles.

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  • cubs83cubs83 Posts: 21 Greenhorn
    Thanks all...Nikon d40
    Florida Cracker turned Yinzer
  • ShimShim Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Nice job Shane....I plan on fishing the same area this week with some out of town friends....hope you left a few there :)
  • DemarzacDemarzac Posts: 204 Officer
    Great pics and report, especially that sunset shot of you and the pig trout. Those steelies are spectacular.
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  • QuiksilverIHBQuiksilverIHB Posts: 467 Officer
    Great post.

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