November Wind, Seasickness, Patch Reefs, Weeds, Rocks, and Muttons.

Wind was gusting pretty good from the North early Friday. Did not want to mess around chasing Sailfish offshore as my guests just wanted to bend the rod & catch dinner. Set up in 90 ft, but sea sickness took its toll shortly after the hook was set.

Went with plan B and hit a couple of my favorite patch reefs and rockpiles in 15ft-20ft of water that hold nice Snappers in the winter.

Caught the big Mutton on an ultra light rod spooled with 12 lb. mono spliced to 12 flouro. The fish rocked up, gave him a little, after waiting 5 minutes or so he swam out, to make it even more challenging the fish then piled into bunch of floating weed, but my client stayed on him, so into the net came the fish & along 5lbs. of weed. Shortly after landing the bigger fish, we managed another nice eating Mutton.

We released 15 smaller muttons all measuring around 14 inches & 13 Yellowtail that measured over 12 inches. They only wanted to keep what they could eat as they were flying back home on Monday.

I try to use very little or no chum on the patch reefs. Just enough to get the scent in the water. Typically I use 20 dozen fresh dead shrimp crushed, let them dry a little to help with the stink. Then I add a little fish oil, bonito meat, ladyfish and other stuff. Sometimes it works, kept the grunts away yesterday and fish hungry. Hope everyone is able to get out and bend the rod over the holidays and catch a couple for Thanksgiving.


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