Key West info request from locals

Going to Key West for a vacation Oct. 13-20th and want to do some fishing for a day, I do plenty of offshore fishing here in the North East and looking for something different. Anyone have any recommendations on what I should fish for & charters that are good?

Also any recommendations on hotels, resorts or B&B's to stay for a week?
Things to see & do that I should not miss?

Thanks from CT!


  • mike_smike_s Posts: 419 Deckhand
    Some people say its too hoakey and touristy but the Conch Train is good way to see the island and learn about the history and architecture. Also check out Mel Fishers Museum, interesting story about a guy who basically searched for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow everyday for 20 yrs and finally found it. Mallory Square for the freak show and sunset is a must see.

    Plenty of good restuarants and bars to choose from. El Ciboney for Cuban food is good. Hogfish Grill on Stock Island for lunch.
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    If you like hot sauce, you must stop by Peppers of Key West, and try some of them. You can grab a beer from next door, sit at their bar and take a hot sauce tour. They will start you out on a mild sauce and take you as hot as you want to go. We always stop by there, the staff is nice to talk to and you can pick up a couple of bottles of some very good sauces. They are a bit higher priced than you would get in a grocery store, but their selection is incredible.

    They have some you have to sign a release for, before you can purchase them.
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    Be careful with the B&B's many are clothing optional and for unique sexual preferances
  • pinfisher wrote: »
    Be careful with the B&B's many are clothing optional and for unique sexual preferances

    Do not bend over to pick up any loose change !!!
  • Major WoodsMajor Woods Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    pinfisher wrote: »
    Be careful with the B&B's many are clothing optional and for unique sexual preferances

    Funny you should say that.
    The girlfriend liked one B&B and was ok with the optional clothing thing. I had to point out it was for men only LOL, and is like Providence Town (Cape Cod) up our way. Still looking over the lodging choices.

    Thanks for the replys so far!
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    Personally I like to stay at L' Habitation on Eaton Street. Nothing really fancy, but not too pricey either for being 1/2 block from Duval and only two blocks from The Bull or the Green Parrot.

    If you like good beer (microbrews and imports) check out The Porch at 429 Caroline Street. It's in the Porter House Mansion....across the side street (Caroline) from The Bull. Great selection of beers and the bartender/owner is a blast. Nice laid back place.
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    Here's a couple of upscale B&B's I have stayed at near downtown/the harbor - both very nice, but not inexpensive.

    Heron House (a very nice boutique hotel)
    512 Simonton Street
    Key West, FL 33040
    800-294-1644 or 305-294-9227

    The Gardens Hotel (a very nice boutique hotel)
    526 Angela Street
    Key West, Florida 33040
    800-526-2664 or 305-294-2661
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    My wife and I love KW and we go there at least once every year. Our favorite place to stay is the Marquesa. A close second is the Ocean Key House which is in a prime location at the corner of Front and Duval. Another great choice is the Banyan House. Don't miss Pepe's for breakfast, and late nights at the Green Parrot. Enjoy.
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    This is where we are staying, He is a Forum member as well.
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  • Major WoodsMajor Woods Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the info, we are all set with our reservations.
    One other question, the GF wants to dive on the Vandenberg wreck, whats the best dive charter for that wreck?
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