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Normandy Beach

Arrived late, just before 0900 while the tide was still falling. Large, deep trough protected by 30-50 foot wide sandbar. Area was full of baitfish, whiting, gafftopsail catfish and even some pompano. However, the fish in the trough could and were sight fished with crabs and shrimp to no avail. All catches were made by casting beyond the sandbar. Lots of stolen baits on #4 and #1 circle hooks and all catches were made with the shrimp on the dropper rigs. Stayed until 1330 and all fish were released, nothing big enough to take home.

Sorry, no pics, forgot to charge the batteries.

Curiously, there were two "work" boats very close to shore. One was an aluminum cat with an enclosed house with dive flags, the other a Parker. They were working some type of traps with white styrofoam floats at the surface. Stone or blue crabs? Is there a reef that close to shore?
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