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Bahia Honda

aubuc1aubuc1 Posts: 490 Officer
I will be camping at Bahia Honda in September and using kayaks for entertainment. Are there good coral heads within paddle distance of the island for bugs and fish? I plan on working on bonefish from the shore first thing in the mornings, then moving on to the kayak during the day.

Any advice would be appreciated.


  • medinajmedinaj Posts: 25 Greenhorn
    I will be camping in bahia honda about mid august on a trip to key west for the wife's birthday. Considering that it will be a short stay, I'm not taking the canoe, but I'm planning some early morning shore fishing and some snorkeling. I will definitively post a report but will also appreciate any knowledge of the area.
  • bugdocbugdoc Posts: 421 Officer
    There's a little island off the beach oceanside that's within snorkeling distance and I've found bugs in little potholes in that area. The gulf side is deeper and the bridge is a tarpon hotspot. The next island south is the boy and girl scout camping area and has some nice hardbottom on the ocean side as well that should hold some lobsters in fairly shallow water. Just be aware of the currents.


    Southeast Florida kayak launch sites at http://www.floridakayaksites.info
  • clearchoice18clearchoice18 Posts: 118 Deckhand
    :thumbsup :fishing ;)as soon as you get in once you pass the ranger entrance if you go to the left all the way there's the beaches after 5:00 as long as you stay away from the swimmers you can fish that area. your going to get some nice mangos. it's a nice hot spot, it's been 6 years i haven't been there but get some live shirps, and/ or pinfish i use to get bait right there with the cast net. don't know now. good luck and don't forget the pictures.
  • WadeFishermanWadeFisherman Posts: 439 Deckhand
    If you want bones, make sure you fish flats near/close to dropoffs or cuts. You will not see many tailing around there. The turtle grass and the heat of the water are not prime components to help you, they will be a challenge. I know a place close by you may want to explore, just send me message.
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